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Kahuna Bodywork

Your body experiences intense, flowing and rhythmic strokes that envelop you like waves. Through the preliminary talk, your body and soul are ready to engage in the experience and relinquish all control. During the Kahuna your mind is allowed to come to rest. The appropriate atmosphere (light, music, fragrance, warmth, warm oil) accompanies you on the path to deepest relaxation.

Arrival and preliminary talk,
60 min. Kahuna massage,
Rest, feedback, follow-up talk.

Duration: 90 minutes  / 120.- Euro

Conditions for VIP customers
on request!


Head & Soul

A little time out 

with a big effect!


The treatment, during which you

lie clothed on the couch,

 reduces stress, relieves muscular tension, promotes blood

circulation of the skin and

relaxes your nervous system.


Head, neck, shoulders

décolleté and face

are given an intensive and

soothing treatment.


My singing bowl from Nepal

rounds off the session wonderfully.


Duration: 40 minutes / 60.- Euros



The treatment is possible

with or without oil!

Holding you. You feel your body gliding gently through the water.
Your face remains above water.
Carried and held, a feeling of lightness flows through you.
Your mind becomes calm,

your body can let go.
You are weightless, secure in the water, one with nature, connected with yourself.

Arrival and preliminary talk,
25 minutes Aguaflow,
feedback, follow-up talk

Duration: 40 minutes  / 60.- Euro

(water temperature must be
be at least 28 degrees)

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