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Über mich, Heike Göltenboth



I am Heike,
photographer, Soulklick Coach and
KAHUNA bodyworker
on Mallorca

In 2014, life catapulted me from Ulm to Mallorca.

On my professional path, I was always fascinated by the personality of people - starting from the children and youth educator to my passion as a photographer.

Massage has always been a natural impulse in me, so my daughters, born in 1989 and 1994, were allowed to enjoy different techniques already as babies. I was always fascinated anew by the almost magical transformation in their little bodies and faces through my touch.

In 2019, I had myself trained in KAHUNA massage in Australia.

I remember my first class at the massage table: deep inside me, the flame began to flare up that had been waiting for years, even before I knew it!
With this I found a new jewel in the mosaic of my abilities - something with which I can support people on their path to healing.

"The search for the pure being, the uncovering of the essence

the essence, has always been in my focus,

whether in my work with the camera,

empathic conversation, or any form of touch, especially

of touch, especially Kahuna massage."

Along the way, I have been challenged to look closely. To get to know and accept my own shadows.

I am looking forward to meeting you!




"One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes."

The pure, the real, the essence.
That is what nourishes my soul,

that is what I stand for,
that I want to discover and feel.

Laughter and crying, joy and pain, birth and death -.
they go through our lives as a couple, I am not afraid to
I'm not afraid to face them and I feel a natural
attitude towards the people
who go through these feelings and stages.

I encourage you to get to know yourself, to meet your essence, to love yourself as the most important person in your life as if there were no tomorrow!

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