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My best friend

My best friend, who accompanies me all my life. He talks to me, and when I don't pay attention to him, he sometimes gets angry and lets me feel it. Then, at the latest, I should urgently take care of him: my body. My body, the house in which I live. My temple. It deserves only the best. It carries me 24 hours a day without a break for many, many years through this life.

When I take advantage of my best friend, it can sometimes happen that he clearly tells me what he dislikes. I sometimes don't understand what he's trying to tell me. But I can try to listen carefully. He doesn't like to be ignored, then he just grumbles all the louder.

This morning my friend complained. Somehow the worm was in it. The arms, the shoulders, they didn't want to go the way I wanted them to. After my gentle stretches while still in bed, things got a little better, I copied that from the cats years ago. They would never rise from their place without activating the muscles.

But that was not enough. My body was asking for sea. I have the indescribable luck to be able to go to the beach directly from the house.

The house key hangs on the towel I wrap around my hips.

At 8 o'clock I am still almost alone on the beach. With each step of my feet through the already warm sand my good mood barometer rises. Because even that was rather mediocre this morning. It is difficult for me to accept physical restriction calmly. I walk to my favorite spot, where the bottom rises again after an initially deep spot. The wavy patterns in the light sand shine delicately through the crystal clear water, in whose color I can completely lose myself.

I dive in, completely. Body in the water, without submerging the head - this is unimaginable for me. I open my eyes under water, turquoise blue. Turquoise, with the delicate sandy tone in the background. A divine creation.

My body is so much more relaxed than before! My mood is also significantly changed. So I get out of the water and make my way back.

There a small group of young people jumps on the still almost empty beach. Two of the women whoop as they touch the water with their feet. I feel so much their joy to be at the sea, they must have missed it so much! I wish them a wonderful good morning and we get to talking: yes, they have just arrived and are happy to finally be on vacation again after a long time!

Just an hour before I was in a state of tension, now I feel relaxed again, balanced and my cup is filled. Filled with the energy of the earth that I received while walking barefoot, with the colors and freshness of the sea and with the joy of the people.

And in the beginning there was my decision, which was the answer to the question:

What is it that my body and soul need now?

From the bottom of my heart, Heike

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