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In Flow

Little children are almost all the time.

In this state that makes time fly.

In which I act and create effortlessly with my body, my hands, my being. Everything flows, I am one with myself and with my immediate surroundings. Nothing distracts me.

I am completely in the now, without effort I feel up to the challenge, it fills me with joy, I feel no pressure.

Energy follows attention: my focus is entirely on my subject.

I do not tire, on the contrary: my cup fills up.

It can resemble a meditative state, or the feeling when I sit by the sea or swim in it. Waves come and go, my breath comes and goes. Everything is in balance.

There is not a bit too much, not a bit too little.

When we experience periods like this, we may wonder what made us achieve this.

How can I get into this feeling, how can I experience this state as often as possible that nourishes me and at the same time lets me be so creative and productive?

One aspect of this that is fundamentally important to me is surrendering to the moment.

I put the phone on silent - or turn it off altogether.

I close my eyes for a moment and connect with my breath. In doing so, I connect with myself. There is nothing to do but accept what is.

My breath flows. Without effort. There is no judgment, no pressure.

In this space creativity is born.

From the heart, Heike

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