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Why not today?

Maybe a day like this today is the best day to start.

To start with something that has been on my mind for years, something I've wanted for so long and for which I haven't yet found the courage, the muse or the moment. Today I think it has to be called "blog", I have a hard time with that word, but I think we should agree on a generally understandable expression.

I have always liked writing.

Now it's another thing to do it publicly.

Sometimes I have a tendency not to put something out there until it's mature, as good as possible, or even close to perfect (for the moment). This has slowed me down all too often, So on this day, I'm starting off quite imperfectly, not overly euphoric, but still inspired with my first post.

I would like to address topics that are close to my personal heart and that are very often also linked to my professional sphere of activity. As you know, I love my Kahuna Bodywork as well as my photography. Both are deeply related to the essence of our being. Both connect, "click" with the soul. Soulklick. With my blog I would like to connect everything and thus also bring intermediate tones to shine.

A very special concern of mine is to introduce you to personalities who impress me or who I think make a valuable contribution to our cultural, social, spiritual and personal development.

And sometimes they will be simply wonderful people I would like to tell you about!

Sincerely, Yours, Heike

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May 18, 2021

I’ll look forward to reading it Heike 😍


Heike Göltenboth
Heike Göltenboth
May 18, 2021
Replying to

So happy to see you here! Hopefully we'll catch up soon in Mallorca!


Ich bin Heike,
Soulklick Coach und
KAHUNA Bodyworkerin
auf Mallorca

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